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About the car

1934 PG Plymouth – 4 Door Sedan with Suicide Doors   $13,500.00

Current Location: Oxford MI

  • Engine Rebuilt 1977
  • Repainted 1975 –
  • New Interior 1979
  • Runs Good
  • Many Spare Parts
  • Owners know for last 40 years
  • No Rust
  • Extensive documentation of parts replaced from 1975 forward


Rescued from hauling hay in a rural farm in Texas by a family friend in running condition and the body was intact. Engine was rebuilt and finished in 1977.   Second gear in transmission was acting up so it was rebuilt with a new clutch, bearings and pressure plate.

The car’s original color was Black and was repainted a two tone lacquer Gold. in 1975. The cloth interior was removed and all interior panels and undercarriage were painted with a rust converter as a preventative measure.

The roof of the 1934 Plymouth was originally wood slats covered with a cloth top.   The reason for this was the technology for stamping a piece of metal that large did not exist until then end of the 1930’s.   Slats in the roof were refurbished and the cloth roof replaced with a black vinyl covering.  Interior was redone in 1979 with new cloth for the seats and interior panels.

Bought by my father in 1992, a Chrysler Design Engineer, and transported back to Detroit by Chrysler to the Lynch Road Marshalling Area in Highland Park. Dad drove and maintained the car for years. I bought the car from my father in 1999 and have kept it since in Oxford MI. The car has been stored in a garage since returning to Michigan and kept in good running condition. A strong running car and fun to drive. Mechanically in good shape with paint is showing age with fading and chips.